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With over 20 years of experience, The Auto Enhancers are experts in car window tinting service. Due to the high demand of window tinting service, we are no longer offering clear bra paint protection service or vehicle vinyl wrap service. Let our professional staff help protect you, your family and your vehicle from the beautiful San Diego sun in style and comfort by adding UV and Solar Control, Glare Reduction, as well as Privacy and Security to your vehicle

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At The Auto Enhancers, our aim is to make a first time customer a long-time customer. Our reputation is built on repeat business and we've been around for several years. Whether you are relaxing at home, idling in traffic or at the office you can protect yourself from sun damage and lower your energy costs with tinted windows. Protecting your investment and lowering your environmental impact are just a couple benefits to window tinting and vehicle wrapping

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Our craftsmanship is guaranteed. The materials we work with are; (3M Vinyl, Carbon-Fiber and specialty films) they are all backed by manufacturers' warranties. Your experience will be the best we can make it - based on professional, flawless installations and cheerful friendly customer service

Window Tinting San Diego Specialist

Due to the high demand in window tinting service, we have decided to focus our expertise on this service and are no longer offering clear bra paint protection service or vehicle wrap service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's About Window Tinting Service


Window Tinting is actually a fairly simple thing, but it might be a little hard to grasp for people who haven't really thought of it before. Naturally, there are a few questions that might arise in their minds, and I think it's really important to find an answer to these. 

So, here are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we find here at The Auto Enhancers, the best San Diego Window Tinting company! 

What Exactly Is Window Tinting?

Window Tinting consists of just putting a film on the window glass, which just serves as another layer for light to pass through. However, doing it properly requires a lot of attention. The Auto Enhancers specializes in car window tinting in San Diego.

Why Would I Want To Tint My Windows?

There are several benefits that window tinting provides you with if done properly by experts, such as The Auto Enhancers, the best car window tinting San Diego company. If done properly, not only does it make your car look more beautiful, it also makes you safer from the light coming from the sun! It also rejects the UV rays, making you and your family a lot safer on the road!

Is There Anything I Should Know Before I Get My Window Tinted? 

There isn't really too much to know about it. However, there are often some local laws that you must keep in mind. These are really important, and you must do your research on this before you actually go out and get your Window Tinting Service done. I’ll save you the time and let you know that here in San Diego, you’re allowed to have your rear window and backseat window tinted as dark as you want, but the front seats and windshield cannot be tinted at all. However, that doesn’t stop most people from getting their front windows tinted anyways.  

How Long Does It Take To Tint My Windows?

The time taken to do the job depends on the person that's doing it. Ideally, the people with a lot of experience get the job done quicker than the inexperienced people. And as such, the ones here at The Auto Enhancers actually do it pretty fast. Other factors that determine time is the amount of windows that needs to be tinted and if there is already old tint on your car that needs to be removed. 

How Much Would It Cost To Tint My Windows?

Now, the cost depends a lot based on the specific kind of tinting you're going for, and the specific vehicle that you own. It can be as low as $100 but can go up to as high as $400 depending on the specifics that we just went through. Generally, however, it is closer to the lower limit than the upper one. You want to make sure the tint you choose has a lifetime warranty through the manufacture. You can be sure that The Auto Enhancers only use the highest quality of tint that does offer this lifetime warranty. 

It is worthwhile to mention here that while even the most experienced companies like The Auto Enhancers, which specializes in window tinting in San Diego actually offer you a pretty competitive rate, and thus, going to the experts is always a far better choice- especially in this case, because inexperienced people might actually end up doing it in a way that you'd have to run for maintenance in a couple weeks!


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